Friday, June 1, 2012

Pray For Who?

Reflections regarding my enemies:

Who am I to not forgive when I’ve been forgiven for so much in my own life?  

There are SO MANY days I have to forgive the same person (or people) over and over again. 

Some of the hurt and pain associated with what they did is gone for the most part but every now and then it will rear its’ ugly head and when it does the hurt can run deep, almost as if it were a fresh wound.

BUT there is something healing and restorative in knowing that I've chosen to pray for my enemies instead of cursing them. I'm certainly not perfect and I do fall short sometimes….actually a lot. On those days, I add myself to the prayer list.

Who am I to not love others when The Father loved me when I was unlovable?

Who am I to not pray for others when it’s the fruit of the prayers of others that have been the source of so much peace, restoration, and blessing in my own life?

I don’t get to pick and choose between praying for my enemy or my friend; those I have unconditional love for or great disdain.

Dare I be bold enough to proclaim that to God it makes no difference?

Remember when Jesus took up the towel and basin to wash the feet of the very one who would betray Him and hand Him over to be crucified, Judas? 

It was Jesus who looked at the very men who persecuted, accused, mocked, hated, and scorned Him hanging on the cross that would bring them salvation and life  who said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”

Armed with this knowledge I realize that I cannot afford to be unforgiving, whether the harm was intentional or if “they knew not what they were doing”. 

It’s during times of reflections such as this one that my heart cries out, “Daddy, I want to be like you!  I want to see others the way you do, love them the way you do, forgive them the way you do....just as you have with me...Give me a heart like yours!”