Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Persistence Of M

©2017 Chantelle Henderson
I think some of you will pass out because this isn’t an essay.  I believe it’s probably going to be the shortest post I’ve ever written but the message is so powerful it needs to be shared.

Ok, so I'll TRY to make this quick.

This is for anyone who invites people to church & it seems like the person is just like, "Yeah, whatever".

Let me tell you a story.

That was me for the past 7 months. Long story short, before I lost my job of almost and only 3 months one of the managers would come to me, usually on Fridays, every week like clockwork and ever so gently invited me and Ry to go to church with him. He wasn't pushy in the least bit, always gentle, and pure in spirit. Over time I shared some things that explained why I had no interest. Well, wouldn't you know that after I lost my job something told me to text him and JUST GO. So I texted the manager and said, "Okay. We'll just TRY IT OUT". With much hesitation and skepticism, we showed up. That was last week. I can undoubtedly recognize that it was the beginning of the Lord turning my stony heart into a heart of flesh. This week I couldn't wait! I went with great expectation and yes, even excitement. As I stood there hands lifted up, totally immersed and in awe of how HE worked it all out I wept tears of healing, restoration, grace, hope, joy, and love. I looked at my ex co-worker-now friend, with tears running down my face and whispered, "Thank You." I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that he never ever stopped reaching out to me.
Picture Taken Outside Our 1st Night There
I'm just saying all this for those of you who have been praying and inviting and reaching out to people with seemingly no response or someone responds with an "I'm not interested" attitude. Week after week for nearly 3 months my coworker gently nudged and encouraged me and was patient enough to respect that I wasn't ready and that I truthfully had no desire whatsoever. Now we love our church and are planning on joining when they hold their first membership class in late November. Keep inviting. Again, keep encouraging. Keep praying. Keep loving. Who knows, one day that person’s heart shifts and what seemed was a hopeless situation became a life-changing, eternal treasure.
Thank you M. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.