What Others Are Saying

J. Massey said:   
Chantelle (Wack Child), you are such a blessing to me. I couldn’t be more proud. No matter how hard and difficult the way has been you have not quit. What an example to others! I appreciate your ministry to me at Jamie Massey Ministries. Your time, talent, and prayers have taken this ministry to a whole new level. Keep moving forward, daughter. You have only scratched the surface of what all God is going to do through you. Love you, Mama J

S. Ussery Rockwell said:   
Your date with destiny began the day you were born. Though satan, and all his clever devices, tried to thwart what God had purposed in you, he did not succeed. The purpose of God was much stronger than the stronghold of hell. Your love-ship with Christ has been a tool of God’s mercy and grace that ministers to many, if not all, that you come into contact with. It is refreshing to see, hear and know a person come from brokenness and into the fullness and wholeness of God and boldly share their scars so that others can know that there is HOPE IN CHRIST! That is the goal…to use ourselves as prime example of how God is always able to turn a sea of impossibilities in a land of possibilities. He is and was and always be the I AM of our lives. Thank you for your excellent service to always do God’s will by submitting yourselve unto Him for the purpuse of seeing His kingdom being glorified. One day you will hear Him say to you, “Well done – good and faithful servant! Enter into your rest.” Love you so much, admire you even more and am blessed to know you as a beautiful sister in Christ.

T. Stull said:   
Chantelle, I will never forget the impact you have had on my life. I will never forget the words spoken that forever changed my perspective of my self. I miss you and pray for you often. Love You

M. Andrew said:   
Chantelle, Let me tell you again if I have not told you lately. You have helped me so much in my life with all my doubts and with all my tears! You have given me the truth and the Light with God’s word and that means more to me then anything in the world! Thank you so much!

C. Caldwell said:   
Chantelle. OMG! I am so happy to see that you are back up and running stronger than you have ever been. It was obvious when you prayed with me the other day. The anointing on you was so strong. I pray that the Lord begins opening doors for you again for ministry. There are so many women out there who need to hear your message of how He “Picked you up. Turned you around. And placed your feet on solid ground.” One of my favorite songs :-) The best is yet to come girl! I just know it! Love, Carry

J. Gibson said: 
Chantelle, I am so grateful we got reacquainted with each other after all these years. You have truly inspired me to walk in the light. All of the thoughtful packages you have sent me have been a blessing. Dont ever change girl! Love you.

K. Oliver said:
Thank so much for reminding me and all of us to keep an eternal perspective and encouraging that in us!

M. Hollister said:  
Chantelle, I have known you since 6th grade. You have been through so much. I’ve seen the Lord turn your life around. You have a wonderful loving husband and two beautiful sons. I won’t disclose details but you have let the Lord come into your heart and truly change you. You are an inspiration and blessing to anyone you meet. Love you!

T. Swofford said:   
I am so proud of you this is wonderful. You are such an inspiration. I get to say I knew you back when. Love ya Blessings to all you guys Miss ya, Tanya

K. Perez said:
Chantelle, I am truly in awe at the way the Lord is working in our lives at this moment… I want all of your readers to know that you and I were best friends in the 5th grade and both of us moved to different states and lost contact 29 years ago only to find each other now after all these years of searching for each other…You were my first best friend and I loved you like my sister…Life was so difficult then and you were my safe place to fall…I am so excited to see what the Lord has in store for us!!!! He is so faithful!!! Love you and God Bless!!!

T. Meyer said: 
Chantelle, what is there to say? The way the Lord uses you to bring forth His deliverance, wholeness, and love could fill up pages and pages. Your transparancy is beyond my comprehension, as I’m used to nicely “packaged” testimony and sermons. Thank you for the ministry you’ve given as a whole to the world and to me personally. I know the prayers you have prayed with me in agreement will yield a harvest so great that I will not be able to contain it. I will pray for you as I know the Lord is opening many doors of opportunity for you to share His truths and boundless love, mercy, and grace, not just for one, but for all of us.

N. Steinmetz said: 
Girl what can I say. As a single mom I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazing inspiration to me. I love you so much. The love of God just beams out of you. And if you ever need anything you know I’m here. Love You!!!!!!!!!!!

S. Cobb said:   
So happy to have “found” you! Thank you for sharing God’s lessons in your life. You should visit the Chattanooga Aquarium and visit the butterfly exhibit…I could spend hours in there. It will take your breath away!

S. Moss said:
Chantelle – just a quick note to thank you for your obedience to God, in praying for me and DaNae (Trinity Tattoos)! God is awesome, too much to even share in this place, the awesome deliverance that was wrought following your most anointed prayer! To God be the Glory! You are a phenomenal woman of God. Peace and blessings Steph

S. Fisher said:
We are Facebook friends. Friends that have never met. I feel I have known you for years and it’s only been months. You have blessed me in ways you don’t even know. You send me sweet little notes and scripture to remind me of things I have forgotten at that very moment. I know without doubt that you are an angel sent from above. I can see you one day going from state to state speaking at conferences and sharing just what God has done and is doing in your life. Look forward to seeing you there.

T. Stull said:
Your story is inspiring to all of us who have walked a similar road. You not only have risen above, but gone beyond, to be an example and down to earth real friend to each of us that comes in contact with you. Much Love!

F. Pace said:
As your sister in the Lord and friend, I am estatic about your growth and how God is using you to reach those looking for relief. Continue to allow him to use you to help mend the lives of those down trotted and hopeless. It is important as people of God that we are transparent so that the “world” can see HIS good works and Glorify HIM in heaven. Keep it moving Queen! Love ya

T. Gras said: 
PS…You’re not just a survivor…..you’re an overcomer! Praise God!

T. Gras said: 
Sweet sister-n-Christ, Chantelle~ How excellent is our God! I can’t help but think back on the day we met. I was trying to recruit you into “Beauty School” and told my assistant, “Well I may not get her into school but I’m going to invite her to my church!” We stayed in touch for a short time and then you left for NY. We were disconnected for a season. Then, much to my surprise, I was sitting in church one Sunday and see a beautiful, familiar young lady standing and giving testimony! It was you…..my special friend. What a beautiful sight!! Out of all the churches in Atlanta…there you were….the friend I had wondered about so many times. Whether you know it or not, Chantelle, you touched my heart from the day we met. I knew there was something very special about you. God had His hand on your life all along. (You were too blessed to be stressed….too anointed to be disappointed.) You are such a blessing. And though we may not stay in constant touch w/each other, you will always have a special place in my heart. I encourage you to keep making people laugh…..keep sharing….and keep throwing the starfish back in the water! God bless you and your precious family. I thank our BIG Daddy, God for His design and purpose on your life. He truly does give us beauty for ashes! PS I can’t wait to read your book! Abundant blessings and peace, always. I love you!! OXOXOX Tammy Gras

J. Stephens said: 
This is a encouraging message on the redemptive power of God. I am touched that God has given you a word of hope to share with all who read this. I know you as a strong beautiful woman of God who has a great life and wonderful kids. To also know that you have gone through Hell holding the hand of Jesus gives me more respect for you. I will be waiting to read your book. I Love you sister jay

LN said:
What I’d like to say to you and to the world about you, is that I am continually blessed by you when I’ve seen you go through life’s difficulties and you stand, wholeheartedly on God’s Word and His Promises. You quote them, hold them to your heart and you endeavour to live by them. When you share with others, your hearty humor lessens the sometimes hard reality of His corrections or lessons in your life (or in other’s lives) – as in “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down?!?” [You are as sweet as sugar!!! hee hee]. Your desire to inspire and help other women become who He has called them to be is a selfless act of love and tenderhearted care which I know God will use to reach those who may have been termed “unreachable” – just as some thought you were. And now look at you! You are courageous and quite the vivacious follower of Christ. I am always moved by your willingness to hear and obey Him and by your endless search to know Him more. You are as beautiful a woman on your inside as you are on the outside! Much love–onward and upward…

Pastor J. Massey said:
As your spiritual Mama, I couldn’t be more proud of you! I have watched the metamorphosis of your life and ministry and you have inspired me on so many levels. Chantelle, the hand of God is mightily upon you and you will SOAR into the fullness of His rich calling on your life. Keep making us laugh, keep encouraging us onward, and keep giving the devil a black eye! Love ya, girl!

D. Hill said:
My special friend, Chantelle, I have watched with delight as God has transformed you into a beautiful butterfly…as you step out into the fullness of His spirit and purpose for your life. There is no doubt many lives will be changed for His glory because the facade is gone and the Lord is being revealed through you. Love and abundant blessings, Debi

Iris said:
blessings to you and your family Channie!!

C. Trenary said: 
You have been a blessing to so many already, and you’re just getting started! Bless you for your honesty, and compassion for people. You have a tremendous calling, and everything you’ve been through will touch others….go get ‘em, girl! Love always.

E. Maxwell said:   
Hey girl, I am honored to call you my friend. I am excited about what God has yet to reveal to you and know that it is going to be amazing! XO Lis

P. Thompson said:
Hey Girl, I am so proud of you…it’s about time! I love that you are stepping out into what God has called you to be! You have such a tremendous calling and can be used to minister to all those, not just women, who are hurting and wounded! I love that! Not only do you have a beautiful testimony, but you have a true gift in delivery…I loved hearing you speak because you knew when to be serious and knew when to allow humor to illustrate a point and both were always used by the Holy Spirit. I love you and am so happy for you! I know that you will go far with this ministry!!! Love you lots! Pam

T. Williams said:
I can’t wait to read the book, you have always been a inspiration to me and the way you carry yourself for Christ. I wish you the best now and always. God danced the day you were born.

J. and S. Wellman said:
Just wanted you to know i was here and hope all goes well, each one of ours were a blessing. and is etched into my mind as if were yesterday.

Ryan Henderson said:  
Hey there my bride! I’m so proud of you and your hard work in launching the website…..FINALLY. Just remember that like Stacy told you one time, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step.” I can’t wait til the book comes out. Heck…..I’d just like to take a peek at it, but you won’t let me do that  )…….I love you and am so proud of my Tae Tae. Love You Always and Forever In My Heart And Beyond. Your Ry Ry

A. Holbrooks said:
I cant wait for your book, whats it gonna be about? Well I love you, & i hope life is well. God Bless- ;]